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The Summer Experiment is a musical ensemble formed over temporary periods of time to experiment with music.  The creative process will be continuously documented online and at the end of the summer, the Experiment will conclude in a one-off mêlée of live music, visuals and performance poetry from the finest homegrown and imported talent.

The Summer Experiment doesn’t look or sound like anyone or anything, but it may look or sound like something. The result may or may not be vicious, but will most certainly be volatile. The Summer Experiment evolves continually and organically across a defined period of existence. During this period continual updates of audio and visual stimuli will be imposed on the observer. These will represent the current state of The Summer Experiment and the intrinsic creative processes.

The Summer Experiment use both algorithms and chaos in the production of sonic form to create states of temporary and fixed media. There is no aim or method but there is a result and conclusion. The arrangement of fixed sonic material may be based around theories of metric structure, perception of events, noise, organic evolution and mistakes. There are no white coats or microscopes, however there will be unfair tests conducted in uncontrolled environments with no safety goggles.

The Summer Experiment will perform the result of the creative process as live experiments. These will be administered without anaesthetics and there will be no refund for unexpected results or personal injury. Observe The Summer Experiment myspace and website for details of when and where these will happen.

The Summer Experiment 2009:

A year on from the first experiment three of the original test subjects return to re-examine The Summer Experiment. Joined by Chris Green, 2009’s experiment will take place during July and August and once again will cease to exist in September 2009. Throughout the two months of the experiment audio, video, words and pictures will be regularly uploaded to and allowing the observer to view the organic processes of the experiment from start to finish. There will be no studio polished chart topping album, but the observer will be able to hear what happens when four individuals start experimenting with sound, image and words. There will be several live performances to conclude the experiment, these may take place in Derry, Dublin and Belfast.

The Summer Experiment 2008:

John Ferris – Guitar, Pod.
Cavan Fyans – Bass, Supercollider, Pod.
Ruaidhri Mannion – Guitar, Vocals, Pod.
Iain Watt – Drums

The Summer Experiment 2008 began in July 2008 and ceased to exist in September 2008. During that time four musicians came together with the single aim of experimenting with music towards several public performances at the closure of the experiment. The Summer Experiment Quartet made various sounds, images and words as a group and in collaboration with other local artists including poets, musicians and photographers. Regular documentation was made resulting in recordings, pictures and videos of the entire creative process. The results of the experiment can be viewed at